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There are a lot of misconceptions when dealing with marrying someone from another country.  We will try to answer some FAQ's here for you.

1. Do foreign women make better wives?

A. In a word, no.  Not what you expected to hear in these pages, right?  But there are many fine women and many fine men in all countries.  But for some men, the type of woman they seek are more likely to be found in another country.  An American man who is looking for a wife who doesn't want to work but rather take care of the home and family may find that woman next door to him in the US.  But he may have a larger pool of such women in a Latin American country.  A older Canadian man who is seeking a younger wife in order to have kids may find her in Toronto, but he is going to find a larger pool of such women in the Philippines. It all depends on what you are looking for, and then on the individual interaction.

2.  Are all foreign women marrying western men for money?

A.  Absolutely not!   Some women are looking for a better lifestyle.  But other women are looking for other things.  Many Russian women think that western men do not drink and do not abuse women or children.  Many Asians and Latinas think western men do not have affairs. Women from most countries think that US and Canadian men, in particular, make the best fathers. Other women are looking for a society in which are equal or in which children can be safely raised.

I personally know of a Russian girl who came to the US to marry a lawyer who made well over $600,000 per year. She called it off and went home when she realized he didn't want a family but just some arm candy.   She, at least, was not looking for a bank book.

Just as men look for foreign wives for many reasons, women look for foreign husbands for many reasons, too.

3.  Will a foreign woman marry a much older man?

A.  Yes, but the age difference tends to vary by region. In many cultures, a younger woman marrying an older man is expected.  Younger men are deemed to immature to settle down and raise a family.  Girls from the Philippines, India, and many Arabic, African, and Latin American countries often look for older men.  Girls from Russia and other Eastern European countries, China, Indonesia, and Thailand often look for older men, but maybe not to the same degree of difference.  Women from Japan, Korea, North America, and Western Europe usually look for smaller age differences.

4.  Will I have to visit the girl's country?

A. If you are from the US, you will have to either visit the girl's country or have her visit you here.  You must meet in order to qualify for a fiancée visa (with a very few, religious-based exceptions).   If the girl you are writing is from Russia, the Philippines, China, or many Latin American countries, then you will probably have to travel to her country to meet.   Girls from Western Europe,  Japan, Taiwan, or Korea can usually come to the US for your meeting. Check the book section for books which give more detailed information.

5.  What is the divorce rate for foreign-American marriages?

A. There are no reliable figures, but the general consensus is that it is half that of American-American marriages.

6.  What if a girl just uses me to get to the US?

A.  This is not likely, but it could happen. The INS keeps close tabs on this.  If the girl leaves you or divorces you before she becomes a permanent resident, then she must return to her home country.  Canadian and British regulations are basically the same.

7.  How do I know if the girl really loves me?

A.  This is the question.   You have to look at things with an honest, adult viewpoint.  Don't fool yourself, but look into her heart.  This question, though, affects any couple contemplating marriage, not just a couple in which the two are not from the same country.


Have a question not answered here?  E-mail us at and we will get you an answer.


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