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There are many resources who can help you in your goal to find a foreign wife.  We are listing some of them here.  We are not affilitated with any of these people or groups, though.



Igor Batyrev--Igor has been doing this for quite some time, and all we've gotten is rave reviews about him.



Going to another country to meet one or more girls can be stressful and difficult.  These organizations have offered their help and can take care of everything for you.  They are offering Worldwidelove members special rates.


Globus Travel--Malgosha has been sending men off to meet their prospective brides and bringing the ladies to the US for some years now. Let her know you are a member for special rates. Her toll free number is 1 (877) 945-6287.



We currently have two agencies which can take care of any of your needs in their areas of Russia.  This ranges from taking care of all your options for a full tour to meet the girls to delivery of flowers, candy, translations, and similar services.  Please contact each directly.  We do vouch for each of them, but we are not the "middlemen" on this and do not refer them for a commission or some such.


Valentina Borisova


Anna Lapushinskaya
350000 Krasnodar, Russia
glavpochtamt P.O. Box 5679
Tel. 007 8612 390411


More Resources To Come



find your wife (450 bytes)

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International love can provide the wife or husband you seek as the love of your life.  There are a lot of people in the world, people desperately seeking love.  Women from Russia, the Philippines, Korea, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Romania, Bulgaria, India, South Africa, Columbia, Mexicoa, and yes, in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Germany too.  Asian girls, Latina girls, white girls and black girls, all seeking good men as husbands. From every continent, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, people want love and marriage.   Worldwide Love tries to bridge the distances to enable people to find their soulmate.  Being in another country should not be an obstacle to a happy life. Cultural differences should be celebrated, not feared. Love and marriage make the world go around, so why not find your match?  Why not let love blossom? This is not a mail order bride. We have personal ads from women seeking marriage. The rest is up to you.