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Irina is from Ekaterinburg in central Russia where she was a student, aerobics instructor, and dancer.  Jonathan is an ex-Marine from California where he taught business and ran a small company.  We married in 1996 when Irina was 19 and Jonathan 38.

Happy with the love we found and anxious to share it, we started the Russian American Alliance where we brought many happy couples together, and most with whom we keep in contact, celebrating babies and other great milestones.

Unfortunately, the amount of time and effort which went into making every person happy became too difficult and kept Jonathan from his work and Irina out of school.  So we reluctantly transferred the company to someone who wanted to run it as a real business.

But remembering the happiness they felt with each successful union, we decided to start this website to recapture some of that.  No, this is not a full service marriage agency.  But then again, it doesn't cost much either.  We hope that by putting people in contact with other people, some of you will find the same happiness together as we have found.

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International love can provide the wife or husband you seek as the love of your life.  There are a lot of people in the world, people desperately seeking love.  Women from Russia, the Philippines, Korea, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Romania, Bulgaria, India, South Africa, Columbia, Mexico, and yes, in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Germany too.  Asian girls, Latina girls, white girls and black girls, all seeking good men as husbands. From every continent, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, people want love and marriage.   Worldwide Love tries to bridge the distances to enable people to find their soulmate.  Being in another country should not be an obstacle to a happy life. Cultural differences should be celebrated, not feared. Love and marriage make the world go around, so why not find your match?  Why not let love blossom? This is not a mail order bride. We have personal ads from women seeking marriage. The rest is up to you.